The Westminster college guidance program seeks to help parents and students see the admissions process as a path by which students come to know who they are, how to face reality, and how to launch out of the home and into the freedom of adulthood. 

Components of The Path

College Events: A series of discussions to help parents and students start thinking about life’s next step.

11th/12th Grade college Admissions Panel TBD.

The Journey: A step-by-step checklist of what you need to do and when.

Readiness: There will be meetings during the enrichment period to help students work through the College Path. We will devote time to the following for students:

  • Decision Grid-factors to take in to consideration when choosing a college
  • Financial Planning-information on how to pay for college
  • The Application Process-looking at what it takes to apply to colleges
  • Scholarships-familiarity with the different types of scholarships offered
  • Standardized Testing-what test to take and when to take it
  • College Essay-writing a better essay for a prospective college



Other College Information

The Path Handbook - 2019/2020

Self Portrait
Here you can find formation on what colleges are looking for from their applicants
5 Categories of Schools
For a student, it could be said that in life’s next step after high school, there are over 5000 choices. Those choices can be divided into five categories.
College Jargon Guide
A guide to the jargon you have no doubt heard by this point. A good place to start.
College Visit Schedule
Resources available for Standardized Testing

College Panel 2019

All Pencils Down-ACT/SAT/PSAT tutoring

Becky Cox -ACT Tutoring

Faye Nichols -Test Preparation and Consulting