Vision & Values

At Westminster the goal of athletics is to exhibit Christ to a watching world and build character using the arena of sport. We will pursue victory without sacrificing our values. Not striving to win the competition undermines the event and shows a lack of respect to our opponents, denying them the opportunity of competing against our best efforts.  

Westminster athletics is a program designed as a holistic approach to educating our students. We obviously spend a great deal of our energy training the body but also desire to train the mind and the spirit. This vision and set of core values will allow our students to see the type of character traits that we want to inspire them to emulate. This sets the bar for our program in terms of the witness that we present to our community, our opponents, and to outsiders in general. Further these values give our coaches teaching opportunities with which to present their own stories of life challenges, successes, and failures so that the players can draw from that wealth of experience. Lastly we want to communicate these to our parents so that they have confidence in our program in that it is not just about winning but excellence in every aspect of their child’s educational experience in athletics.

Vision Statement and Values
As believers in the gospel of Jesus Christ we desire to exemplify and promote the character of Christ in how we practice and compete. To honor Him we embrace and aspire to embody the following core values and present ourselves to others as living testimonies worthy of the calling of Christ. We want them to run the race well and to finish strong. We desire to prepare the student for the path, not prepare the path for the student. Our Christian worldview is the foundation of these character building principles. Our coaches will seek to equip our students to embody these principles in victory and defeat. 

I am committed and will honor that commitment by faithfully attending and being on time to all practices and competitions. 

I will show the love of Christ by modeling encouragement toward my teammates and coaches to bring out their best. 

I will achieve my goals by accepting my coach’s challenges and surpassing expectations. 

I will place my trust in the leadership of my coaches by accepting their decisions regarding playing time and training and will ask them directly if clarification is needed. I will refrain from complaining about those decisions or discussing them in public.

I will honor authorities and my peers and demonstrate humility by refraining from criticizing coaches, officials, teammates, or opponents. 

I will train and play hard to exemplify my passion for and stewardship of the opportunities we have been given. 

I know that each of us possess a unique set of God-given abilities and gifts so I will work to identify and play my role to the fullest.

I will love my coaches and my team and always put them above myself in competition.

I will finish strong and not lose focus until the competition is complete.

I will accept praise by showing humility in victories and giving praise and showing sportsmanship in losses. 


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