We aspire to train and equip students to understand many aspects of art. From Van Gogh to chiaroscuro, we want to expose them to all aspects of art, including history, concept, and technique.

Art Education

The purpose of education is to develop the full spectrum of the intellect. Quantifiable reasoning, verbal reasoning, and creativity are all important traits of a well-rounded individual. Thus, in education we must strive to develop the whole person, not just part. This makes art education essential to a complete education.

Unfortunately, art is often seen as an extracurricular subject. For this reason it often receives less attention than math, science, and English. However, we believe art is an essential component in our curriculum. Not only is it valuable in its own right, art education has the ability to deepen a student’s understanding of other subjects.

At Westminster we strive to address all areas of the intellect, weaving them together to bring glory to God. The study of the arts is a crucial element in this. It leads to a more in-depth learning experience and helps us better understand the character and beauty of God.

Our Approach

We aspire to train and equip students to understand many aspects of art. From Van Gogh to chiaroscuro, we want to expose them to all aspects of art, including history, concept, and technique. Additionally, we want students to understand that the creator God is the source of all beauty and knowledge. And we want them to recognize that as the bearers of his image, they have an innate need, desire, and ability to create.

Art education is included in both the Lower and Upper Schools. In the Lower School, students will take art from kindergarten through sixth grade. The curriculum focuses on training them to recognize various styles, work with several different mediums, identify a broad range of artists, and develop and enhance an appreciation for beauty and the creative process. Likewise, our Upper School program provides students with the conceptual language and elementary skills for appreciating and practicing art in a variety of mediums.

For more information on the art education at Westminster, please feel free to contact Cathye Price.

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