Building Christ’s Kingdom by equipping students with wisdom, virtue, and eloquence

About Westminster
The Westminster School is a K-12 classical Christian school and is a ministry of Oak Mountain Presbyterian Church (PCA). Founded in 1999 as Oak Mountain Classical School, the school has grown to an enrollment of more than 500 students. The first graduating class matriculated in 2006.

The leadership of Westminster is committed to a thoroughly Christian approach that includes shepherding the heart, training the mind, and nurturing the soul. Whether it be through the curriculum, on the playground, or in day-to-day relationships, we want the gospel of Christ to be preeminent in our community.

Westminster is equally committed to academic quality. We like to say it like this: discipleship and scholarship without one compromising the other. While the curriculum and pace is challenging, we are not a school targeting the academically elite.

We are committed to both scholarship and discipleship without one compromising the other.

Our Standard

Mortimer Adler, the American philosopher, educator and author, said the best education for the best is the best education for all. We are convinced a student of average aptitude who is diligent and focused can successfully complete our academic program. Nevertheless, we understand that an excellent education, just as an excellent sports program, assumes a healthy measure of rigor and commitment. We hold the conviction that learning does not only involve hard work, but also rewarding work.

We are well aware that rigor and commitment are not very popular words in modern culture.  We know there is a general fear of pushing students or of expecting too much of them.   However, at Westminster we do not fear calling students to a higher standard. First, because all children are  “fearfully and wonderfully made” in God’s image, we believe as Richard Weaver argued that “while they are prone to err they are capable of glory.”  Second,  we believe in grace.  Thus, every time we push students to greater heights we point them to Christ.  Students do not need to run from the expectation to do what is extraordinary. Nor do we need to fear they might crumble beneath the weight of higher expectations.  Because in the end, they will not be judged by their personal accomplishments but by their longing and their hope for the accomplishments of Christ.

Westminster School at Oak Mountain

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