State of the School

Dear Parents:

I am encouraged and excited as we approach the end of 2017 here at Westminster.  This has been a year of change and growth for our school, and it has been tremendously gratifying to see the strength of our community during this transition.

Financially and organizationally, the state of our school is strong, and the future is bright.  Westminster is a wonderful place for many reasons, and sometimes it helps to delineate these. Westminster is:

    • A school that exists to help parents fulfill their God-ordained obligation to educate their children and nurture them in the gospel.
    • A covenant community encouraging relationships based on love, respect, and humility.
    • A classical school embracing the traditional liberal arts concepts of grammar, logic, and rhetoric in order to cultivate wisdom, virtue, and eloquence in our students.
    • A school that seeks the full development of our students, both spiritually and academically.

As these distinctives make clear, our approach runs contrary to the modern idea of education being primarily a means of training children for a future career.  We seek, instead, to draw out the whole individual God has created for the purposes of his kingdom, which includes their career and much more.  The long-term effect of this difference in philosophy on the lives of our children cannot be overstated.

I am excited for 2018, in large part due to many of the strides forward we made this past year.  Among these are:

    • Improvement in the transition process from Lower to Upper School
    • Development of a standardized faculty training and evaluation process
    • Establishment of a Middle School choir, and an overall increased emphasis on the visual and musical arts
    • An increased focus on shepherding the hearts of our students
    • An updated technology policy
    • Establishment of a curriculum review process based on nationwide best practices
    • An agreement to host the Society of Classical Learning’s annual conference at Westminster
    • Hiring of an experienced and accomplished Head of School

As you can see, it has been a busy year, and I want to thank the board, the faculty, and the entire community for their efforts this past year.  It is gratifying to see the school flourishing and poised to excel. The state of our school is strong and I believe it will become even stronger.  Thank you for being such an important part of Westminster.  We are a community of believers which has been greatly blessed through God’s providential care and provision.

As we continue to experience financial stability, we will have one of the smallest tuition increases in the history of the school.  For the 2018-2019 school year, tuition will increase by 2.38%.   The chart below provides more detail on the total tuition cost.

Grade Tuition
Kindergarten-5th Grade $   7,902
6th-8th $   9,042
9th- 12th $ 10,474


Click here to reenroll. This will be our fourth year to use the RenWeb and FACTS system. As a reminder, FACTS will bill you an annual fee of $46 for monthly autodraft ($20 for all other payment plans) in the month of May.

If applying for Financial Aid, please go directly to your personal FACTS account and apply under the Grant and Aid tab or click here. Families applying for financial aid will need to pay the applicant fee and complete the application by Thursday, January 4.   

Dates to Remember:

    • Financial aid deadline, January 4
    • Reenrollment deadline, January 11
    • Recommitment fees autodrafted by FACTS, January 23

If the process becomes confusing along the way, please do not hesitate to call or email Kristen Williams ( or Barbara Griffith (  May God bless you and your family this Christmas season.


Mark Lloyd

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All families must complete the reenrollment process by Thursday, January 11 to secure their spot for the 2018-2019 school year.

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